Bahman Afnan


Bahman is the Founder and Strategic Planning Director of BA Environmental Services Group.  With over 20 years of experience and extensive project management and business analyst skills, he worked as a consultant for clients in public and private sectors. He is an expert in conducting environmental projects; Phase I, II & III environmental site investigation and remediation in accordance with CSA Standards and Ontario Environmental Acts and Regulations. Bahman has solid expertise in Water Resource and Wastewater Engineering (W&WW) and natural resources operations leadership.

He offers the following set of skills outlined below to my clients:

  • Strong knowledge of Project management (PMP).
  • Highly experienced with engineering theories and environmental requirements:
  • Highly experienced in project communication, facilitation and presentation:
  • Strong knowledge of sustainable planning and development in public service delivery and inter-governmental affairs
  • Strong technical skills in geospatial databases & GIS/CAD software combined with years of experience in business analysis and IT/IM systems implementation.