• Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)Phase I & II &III projects; These projects include studying environmental parameters and its consequences, ranging from physical to chemical characteristics to understand environmental quality. For example, contaminated sites with Alpha and Gamma radiation, farmland for development, garages, remediation of contaminated site, building assessment and property financing.
  • Phase III or remediation of the contaminated site involves excavation/removal of contaminated soil and shipment offsite for disposal or treatment.
  • Bridge inspection and sample collection to identify designated substances.
  • Watershed project management, and impact of rainstorm on the city sewer system. Rehabilitation of storm management system, wet and dry pond, drainage study and benefit of low impact technology to enhance rainwater infiltration in the ground.
  • Highly successful implementation of corporate information management and information technology (IM/IT) system. The final project was benchmarked for replication of best practices by other municipalities for many years.