Environmental Impact Assessment

We at Balanced Approach understand the potential environmental and social impacts of any proposed project. We keep in mind the associated regulatory constraints that are very critical to the development of timely and cost-effective project plans, evaluation, suitable engineering designs, effective stakeholder management and successful permitting. Our Environmental Impact Assessment team ensures that environmental assessment is conducted as early as possible in the planning stage of a designated project, to give our clients, the opportunity to consider the analysis in the proposed plans to address adverse environmental impact.  BA Environmental Services Group conducts Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessment and more.

Our strategic services include:

  • Sampling and testing of noise frequencies, air emissions, soil, water, and sediments.
  • Environmental baseline studies, social impact, and sustainable planning.
  • Groundwater level, flow, quantity, and pressure monitoring.
  • Aquifer testing, local and regional scale groundwater assessments.
  • Hydrogeological (physical and contaminant) site assessment.
  • Contaminant transport and fate investigations and soil remediation.
  • Assessment of archaeological and heritage site, ecology and environmental impact, and natural environment.
  • Assessment of waste management and landfills, and asbestos hazardous materials management.
  • Regulatory permitting, negotiation, and feasibility studies as well as technical support for operating facilities.
  • Archaeological and indigenous engagement, ecological design, implementation, and restoration.
  • Digital analyses and data conveyance for impact assessment.
  • Creating models for fate and effects, transport/dispersion, and visual and noise impact assessment.
  • Environmental due diligence and compliance.